19:54 / 04.09.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Analyst warns of radicalization among Bosnian Muslim leaders ahead of elections

Election posters in Sarajevo

Election posters in Sarajevo

Foto: Damir Hajdarbasic / PIXSELL

General elections will be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina on October 2nd, 2022. They will decide the makeup of Bosnia and Herzegovina's tripartite presidency as well as national, entity, and cantonal governments.

The official campaign for the October 2nd elections in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina has begun. The race is rife with political tension and uncertainty as to whether High Representative Christian Schmidt will change the electoral law, which has been the subject of a fierce political battle in recent months. Many believe that Schmidt will change the election law on the day of the elections, although so far nothing has been confirmed from the Office of the High Representative.

As it stands political analyst Danijel Vidović from Mostar says that Bosnian Muslims will still be able to elect representatives for Croats: "In that sense we are noticing a massive radicalization, especially on Bosnian Muslim political scene, which is being brought about by the fact that the main players from the international community have come to realize that the way in which they've been behaving up until now, will result in the complete collapse of the Dayton structure, which is the only guarantee of Bosnia and Herzegovina's survival."

Croats have long-since been calling for election law reforms, as the current system allows Bosnian Muslims to elect who will represent Croats in political office. In spite of repeated calls from the European Union and Washington, and a ruling from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s own Constitutional Court, that calls for the election law to be reformed, the Bosnian Muslim side refuses to relinquish its ability to dictate political life for Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Source: HRT

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