18:10 / 02.12.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Government stands behind Chief State Attorney Zlata Hrvoj Šipek

Minister of Justice Ivan Malenica

Minister of Justice Ivan Malenica

Foto: Robert Anic / PIXSELL

The State Attorney's Office has investigated the conduct of the Office for Prevention of Corruption and Organized crime in the case related to the Software affair, in which former Minister Gabrijela Žalac was involved. Minister Ivan Malenica said that he agreed with the report and that Zlata Hrvoj-Šipek had the support of the ruling party. 

Minister Ivan Malenica waited for the finding of the inspection of the work of the office in the case of Gabrijela Žalac, there was speculation about the fate of the office head Marušić and the Chief State Attorney, but for now it seems everything will remain the same. Minister of Justice Ivan Malenica does not see anything controversial in the Report.

Zlata Hrvoj Šipek has the trust of the government. In this report I find nothing wrong with the actions of the Office for Prevention of Corruption and Organized Crime and the State Attorney's Office. Firstly it should be said that the decision to not continue work on this case, the case of Gabrijela Žalac, was adopted in February 2020, meaning when the Chief State Attorney was Mr. Jelinić. And that was in fact a report that was presented then in February 2020, and repeated again in July 2020, when a new Chief State Attorney was chosen,” said Malenica.

Social Democratic Party MP Arsen Bauk believes that this is a matter of damage repair, but that trust has been lost and that personnel should be changed.

“There is some relation here between the Chief State Attorney and the director of the Office for Prevention of Corruption and Organized Crime, which in the end forced them to publicly make up, after they argued publicly. That is not good for either organization. This will additionally reduce the belief of the public in independence and this will create a spiral that will have to be resolved through personnel changes at the head of the two institutions,” said Bauk.

President Zoran Milanović, as well as the opposition, believes that the Chief State Attorney should not have even been chosen for the position in the first place.

“No public tender brought her to that position, but an agreement with the Croatian Democratic Union, an unknown person that never worked in criminal law. This was a premeditated attempt to publicly deceive. This person and her team do not have anyone's trust, just another stain on the tablecloth left by the Croatian Democratic Union,” said President Milanović.

Parliament will vote tomorrow on the report on the work of the State Attorney's Office, and thus on the Chief State Attorney.

Source: HRT

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