Krešo Beljak, Anka Mrak-Taritaš, Boris Miletić (Photo: Davor Puklavec/PIXSELL) Krešo Beljak, Anka Mrak-Taritaš, Boris Miletić (Photo: Davor Puklavec/PIXSELL)

On Saturday, the leaders of the GLAS, HSS, and IDS parties - Anka Mrak-Taritaš, Krešo Beljak, and Boris Miletić respectively - signed a coalition agreement at which they said they wished to tackle modern problems in society and to help build a better European Union. They also said they were open to expanding their coalition to involve other parties who stand opposed to the policies of the ruling HDZ and Zagreb mayor Milan Bandić.

"This coalition wants to be a coalition of progressive Croatian parties that will fight for the fundamental values that the European Union stands for," said GLAS party president Anka Mrak-Taritaš upon signing the deal.

For his part, Boris Miletić, the incumbent mayor of Pula and the president of the Istrian Democratic Assembly (IDS), said this was only the beginning of the formation of a block of Croatian opposition parties that want to stand together in opposing the HDZ and right-wing populist politics in general.

"We not only want to achieve a good result but we want to change the overall attitude in Croatia; to illuminate, enlighten and make a greener Croatia. We want to be a just and normal option and a voice for the majority of Croatians," added the president of the Croatian Peasant Party (HSS) Krešo Beljak.

The next Elections to the European Parliament are expected to be held between May 23rd and 26th, 2019. A total of 751 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) currently represent some 500 million people from 28 member states. In February 2018, the European Parliament voted to decrease the number of MEPs from 751 to 705, after the United Kingdom withdraws from the European Union on the current schedule. Croatia currently has 11 MEP's.

Source: HRT