16:39 / 08.08.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Thousands of tickets sold daily for Plitvice Lakes and thousands of views on SkyLine

The Plitvice Lakes

The Plitvice Lakes

Foto: Kristina Stedul Fabac / PIXSELL

10,000 tickets are sold daily for viewing the Plitvice Lakes, and the natural beauty of Plitvice, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and it is viewed by thousands of people through the SkyLine platform, informed the National Park Authority on Monday. Everything is also ready for the renovation of three hotels and other investments worth HRK 550 million.

“Since Plitvice was added to the SkyLine platform on July 15, more than 52,000 people have watched live scenes from web cameras installed on Plitvice,” said the director of Plitvice Lakes, Tomislav Kovačević. “It is good that this beauty is presented to the world and for those who cannot come, visit the lakes and see and experience this unique beauty,” he added. He pointed out that on the live panoramic view (live stream) you can see the amazing colors of the lake, different in the morning than in the afternoon or evening, and the Management of the National Park is extremely satisfied with this tourist attraction, but also with this year's tourist season as a whole.

"About ten thousand tickets are sold every day, which means that there are no crowds, all thanks to the implementation of the National Park Visitor Management Plan," Kovačević said. He noted that exceptionally, if necessary, they can increase the number of visitors a little, but that, as a rule, they have a limit set to ten thousand people.

New paths and circular movement

Some new paths and a circular movement have been introduced, so there is no more collision of people on the paths, and such contact only still takes place at the big waterfall. However, the Faculty of Civil Engineering has made a project for an additional path in that part as well, so when it is installed, next to the big rock, it will be very attractive to walk toward the big waterfall on one path, and return from another. This solution should take effect by next summer.

“Financially, the public institution of Plitvice Lakes National Park is doing very well, and planned investments are going well,” said Kovačević, and he hopes for successful negotiations with the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development soon, with the permission of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, so that work on the reconstruction of the Bellevue and Plitvice hotels will start around the new year, as well as the demolition of the Grabovac in Grabovcum Hotel, which will be built anew and instead of the current 32 rooms, will have 130 rooms.

Kovačević hopes that along with these works, the construction of the modern Medveđak Presentation Center building, next to the Lika house, will also begin. For the hotels, he hopes they will be ready by the next summer season, and for the Presentation Center, he says that for the construction of such a modern and highly technologically equipped educational center, it would be too simplistic to expect it to be finished by next summer. All these investments together are worth around HRK 550 million.

Due to their unique beauty and world value, the Plitvice Lakes have been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979.

Source: HRT

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