21:53 / 16.09.2022.

Author: Katja Miličić

Stormy winds and torrential rain sweep Gorski Kotar

Flooding in Gorski Kotar

Flooding in Gorski Kotar

Foto: Goran Kovacic / PIXSELL

Crni Lug recorded 102 millimeters of rainfall over 24 hours. The heavy precipitation has caused the Kupa River to swell.

Emergency flood prevention measures are in effect at several locations along the river. The river has flooded the main road in Brod na Kupi and caused a rock slide near Gašparci. Local officials are concerned the situation will get worse as more rain comes down this weekend.

Davorin Klobučar, the council president for Brod na Kupi, described the situation as alarming.

"The Kupa can rise by as much as 4 meters in a matter of 8 hours. Some communities have already been affected. Here in Kuželj the situation is quite troubling. It is further complicated by the tributary Belica, which is pushing the water even higher. I think we're going to have some big problems,” said Klobučar.

 Residents of Brod na Kupi were bracing for more severe flooding Friday evening.

The Mayor of Delnice, Katarina Mihalčić, wrote in a Facebook post that the kupa was 30 cm below its maximum. She warned that with the rain continuing to fall, the likelihood of flooding was very high.

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