18:01 / 26.09.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces established 31 years ago

The Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces, Admiral Robert Hranj

The Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces, Admiral Robert Hranj

Foto: Robert Anic / PIXSELL

The 31st anniversary of the establishment of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia was commemorated in the Defense Ministry in Zagreb on Monday. On the occasion the Croatian Defense Minister said that with expert leadership from the General Staff, the Croatian Army is a credible partner on the international stage that is ready and able to carry out its tasks, and as such is a guarantor of stability and peace.

On behalf of Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, Defense Minister Mario Banožić congratulated the members of the General Staff of the Armed Forces on their 31st anniversary. In his address, he also pay his respects to Croatia's veterans and the dead and missing from the Homeland War, have paid the highest price for Croatian independence: "I thank you for the efforts you made during the Homeland War to ensure that Croatian veterans received the staff guidance and military knowledge that led all of us to victory. In those historic times, you translated the vision and guidelines of the first Croatian President Franjo Tuđman, into brilliant military achievements."

Addressing the members of the General Staff, Banožić said that as the head of the state body for defense, he expects them to respect and enforce the law in their work and performance of tasks: "I want you to continue to be the place from which excellence is referred to the Croatian Army, the desire to acquire new knowledge and abilities. Be the ones who, thanks to the biggest ever investment into our defenses, integrate modern equipment with excellent personnel, to the pride of all of us here and the Homeland."

President Zoran Milanović's advisor for Defense and National Security, Dragan Lozančić, conveying the president's congratulations, emphasized that no technology is more valuable than a soldier: "The future period will certainly not be easy, but never forget that it was difficult for us in the past. We are grateful to all our veterans, those who are not with us and those who bore a great burden as well as their families."

The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Admiral Robert Hranj, chronicled all of the former Chiefs of the General Staff, saying that they left an indelible mark, not only in the organization of the General Staff, but also on the modernization of the armed forces. He also thanked the members of the current General Staff for their contribution to the creation of a modern and efficient staff and a strong Croatian Army: "It is obvious that the General Staff, in addition to constant concern about the readiness of our armed forces, must also be the initiator of changes with the aim of developing a better, more modern and prepared armed forces. Today we have a modern General Staff that faces the permanent challenges of the modernization and development of the armed forces. Carefully following military and technological trends on the one hand, and on the other monitoring the worrying security developments in our wider environment."

Source: HRT

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