17:46 / 20.01.2022.

Author: Katja Miličić

Opposition unites on recalling Minister Horvat

Minister Darko Horvat

Minister Darko Horvat

Foto: Sanjin Strukic / PIXSELL

The parliamentary opposition is going forward with the process of recalling Construction Minister Darko Horvat.  

Parties from the far left to the far right have signed on to the initiative started by GLAS MP Anka Mrak Taritiaš. The opposition is accusing Minister Horvat of incompetence, that is, inaction on earthquake reconstruction.

"He had shown, and I don't meant to be rude, complete incompetence and a lack of readiness to get this job done," Mrak Taritaš said.

If Croatia fails to act it could lose most of the 5 billion kuna it is slated to get from the European Solidarity Fund for rebuilding. The ruling coalition is defending Minister Horvat but says the process does need to gain momentum.

The opposition is gathering signatures for the recall, which could come up for a vote by late February. However, if the ruling coalition continues to support Horvat, there is little chance for the vote to succeed.

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