EU Parliament (Photo: HRT) EU Parliament (Photo: HRT)

After votes were counted it was confirmed that the Croatian Democratic Union and the Social Democratic Party won four seats each. One seat each was won be the Soverignists party, the Mislav Kolakušić independent slate, the Živi Zid party and the Amsterdam coalition.

The Croatian Democratic Union who won 22.72 percent of the vote giving them four seats. Prime Minister and Party President Andrej Plenković admitted that he expected to win more.

“There was evidently a great dispersion of votes with a great number of slates, where all attempted to attract a certain number of votes. Under such conditions it is evident that the Croatian Democratic Union needed a thousand votes or a little more, for a fifth mandate. From that aspect I can say that I'm not satisfied. But I am satisfied that we ran alone and that we won four mandates,” said Plenković.

Representing the Croatian Democratic Union in Brussels will be Karlo Ressler, Dubravka Šuica, Tomislav Sokol and Željana Zovko.

Four seats are also going to the Social Democratic Party: Biljana Borzan, Tonino Picula, Predrag Fred Matić and Romana Jerković. Social Democratic Party President Davor Bernardić was satisfied with the 18.71 percent of the vote they won.

“What we did at these elections, at this key moment for Croatia, is an announcement of so much needed changes in Croatia,” said Bernardić.

Taking third place in the election were the Soverignists with 8.52% of the vote, they will be sending Ruža Tomašić to the European Parliament for another mandate.  Tomašić won the highest number of preferential votes, almost 70 thousand.

The Mislav Kolakušić independent slate won 7.89% of the vote. His independent slate was the biggest surprise at the elections. Kolakušić addressed the public today and announced a presidential campaign.

“Citizens must understand that without civil responsibility there is no civil society. We can do this, five percent more citizens came out. The presidential elections are next, where I will run, and in this manner I am announcing this publically. The presidential campaign begins now. You must come out and take part in the elections. Citizens you must become aware and you must come out to the elections,” said Kolakušić.

The Živi Zid party won one seat with 5.66% of the vote and Ivan Vilibor Sinčić winning the most preferential votes. The Amsterdam coalition also won one seat with 5.19% of the vote and will be sending Istra County Prefect Valter Flego to Brussels.

Source: HRT