Minister of Health Vili Beroš (Photo: HRT) Minister of Health Vili Beroš (Photo: HRT)

Minister of Health Vili Beroš said that of the four new cases two are in Pula and two in Zagreb.

“Three close contacts are in question and one patient that imported the virus arriving from a neighboring country into the Republic of Croatia. We have 525 patients that are being processed, three tests are not finished, so we're waiting for three more,” said Beroš.

The director of the Clinic for Infective Diseases Alenka Markotić presented the clinical picture noting that for now the new cases have a mild form of the disease and currently nothing significant is happening with the rest.

The epidemiological picture is still favorable because people that were infected abroad are in question along with those with whom they came into close contact.

“We don't have signs of local transmission of the disease among the population which is a good sign at this moment. Naturally we are monitoring the situation from hour to hour and we are ready to react with new measures if the epidemiological situation in the Republic of Croatia worsens,” said Minister Beroš.

“It can be expected that the epidemic that has spilled into Europe behaves according to the pattern seen in China where it reached a peak and is now dying down. It should be known that in the same manner the number of infected in the Republic of Croatia will increase in the coming days. That is completely clear. The epidemic has not yet reached its peak, we hope it will do so soon, and we hope it will begin to die down. What is important to know, and there is never enough time to repeat, more than 80 percent of people that contract the disease have a very mild clinical picture of this disease. Some of them don't even know they are sick,” said Beroš.

Until last night there were 5 900 citizens in self-isolation, considering the new cases and their contacts there are already more now. The National Headquarters said that it is most important to behave responsibly, not to believe false information and stick to recommendations of the headquarters, or experts in the field. They said that on a daily basis they will openly and transparently communicate with the public.

Source: HRT