19:31 / 16.04.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Rimac and Sveta Nedelja sign contract: "We have big plans"

A Rimac automobile prototype (Photo: Luka Stanzl/PIXSELL)

A Rimac automobile prototype (Photo: Luka Stanzl/PIXSELL)

Foto: - / Pixsell

The City of Sveta Nedelja and the company Rimac Automobiles have signed a contract after which the construction of the Rimac campus can begin. The signatories are mayor Dario Zurovec and Mate Rimac, the director of the Rimac Automobili d.o.o. company. Goran Gotal, Secretary of the Cabinet of the Minister of Physical Planning, Construction and State Property, and Davor Nađi were also present at the signing of the contract.

“There was a lot of struggle and stumbling blocks around the administration, but we wanted to bring this one dream to an end,” said Dario Zurovec.

“This investment is the most important, not only for Sveta Nedelja but for this part of Croatia, we will definitely not be known only in Croatia, but in the whole world, Mate Rimac is most responsible for that,” pointed out the mayor.

“We desperately need a campus because we have big plans, and we need a lot of space for that. We wanted it to be something special. We wanted high technology and nature to be combined, it will probably be the only such facility open to the public, but we are building everything around employees, from working conditions, to being energy efficient and environmentally friendly, to generating our own energy. But also additional things like a daycare centre and gym. We are ready for the handover of the location permit and we want to work at full speed, we just want to solve it as soon as possible,” said Mate Rimac.

He added that they have to build the substation themselves, which will cost 10 million euros, but unfortunately that is how it is, the investor has to pay for the infrastructure. He hopes to open in 2023 and that by then everything will go smoothly.

Source: HRT

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