17:26 / 25.10.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Supreme Court upholds conviction in INA-MOL case

Ivo Sanader and Zsolt Hernadi caught on video

Ivo Sanader and Zsolt Hernadi caught on video

Foto: HTV / HRT

The Supreme Court has upheld the verdict against former Prime Minister Ivo Sanader and former MOL CEO Žsolt Hernádi for accepting and giving bribes at the highest level.

The court rejected the appeals of the Office for Prevention of Corruption and Organized Crime and the two defendants and upheld the first-instance verdict by the Zagreb County Court.

Thus the verdict became final, finding the first defendant guilty of taking a bribe and the second defendant of giving a bribe.

Ivo Sanader was sentenced to six years in prison and Žsolt Hernádi, who was tried in absentia, to two years in prison.

Readers will recall that in the INA-MOL affair, Sanader, who was prime minister at the time, and Hernadi, who was the CEO of the MOL oil company, were convicted because they agreed to changes in a contract which provided MOL with controlling rights over the INA oil company for a bribe of 10 million euros.

Source: HRT

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