19:16 / 07.02.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Storm in Benkovac area: "Tornados move containers, raised roofs …" (Video)

Storms in the Benkovac area

Storms in the Benkovac area

Foto: Luka Čuljak / -

The wider Benkovac area was hit by a strong storm shortly before noon today. It seems that the worst was in the new settlement of Miranje, where the wind carried everything in front of it.

Žarko Čuljak says that the tornado came from the sea and moved waste containers of the utility company and damaged residential buildings.

“The damage is huge, near me and about fifteen other buildings where that tornado hit. It lifted roofs and tiles. There is almost no one on this south side who did not have roof tiles damaged. It broke chimneys and their covers. It completely took down a neighbor’s chimney. It lifted and destroyed a neighbor’s camper home in front of me and smashed it to unrecognizable pieces. It was so destroyed that if we did not know it was a camper home, we would not be able to recognize what it was,” said Čuljak.

Source: HRT

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