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  • PoliticsOct. 20, 2018

    Former SDP MP launches new political party

    Croatia has a new political party, the Democrats, who are positioning themselves as a center-left progressive party that supports a lower income tax rates for the lower and middle class and opposes privatized medical care.

  • PeopleOct. 20, 2018

    Lumblija: the sweet bread from Korčula

    The town of Blato has been producing an enchantingly delicious cake for the past two hundred years, whose origins are ripped from the pages of a tragic fairy tale story of unrequited love. The famous lumblija cake from Blato is not only a symbol of Korčula, but a means of bringing the people and traditions of four other Croatian islands together.

  • DomesticOct. 19, 2018

    Women recount traumatic health care system experiences in front of Sabor

    Women read their accounts of traumatic experiences at the hands of doctors and medical staff during labor or gynecological procedures in front of the Sabor on Friday, as part of a campaign to change the way women are treated by the system and raise the quality of patient care.

  • DomesticOct. 19, 2018

    Chief state attorneys from Croatia and Russia discuss strengthening cooperation

    Croatian Chief State Attorney Dražen Jelenić and the Chief Prosecutor of the Russian Federation Jurij J. Čaika spoke in Zagreb about strengthening the fight against crime and protection of human rights and freedoms. The two exchanged experiences in using information technologies and applying the Council of the EU decree in regards to founding an Office of a European Public Prosecutor.


  • My Two CentsMay 18, 2018

    All work and no play

    I’ve never had a permanent job in my life, so, naturally, there’s pretty much everything about them that’s foreign to me.

  • My Two CentsApril 21, 2018

    Stupider like a fox

    I let a lot of things go unsaid because actions speak louder than words. I always assumed that by living in Croatia it was a clear sign that I wanted to be here.

  • My Two CentsApril 6, 2018

    Guy Incognito

    The nice spring weather has got me thinking more about all the wonderful outdoorsy and culturally-rich things that one can get up to in the Croatian capital.

  • My Two CentsMarch 23, 2018

    If it works, it works

    This week’s post will focus on one particular phrase: If it works, it works. This is such a famous set of words in Croatian (Ako prodje, prodje) that it’s simply known as APP.

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