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  • PoliticsSept. 19, 2018

    Plenković: The opposition seeks problems for our solutions

    “We discussed a series of current topics. We, as the government, are striving to find solutions to these problems and you heard that many in the opposition seek problems for these solutions,” said Prime Minister Andrej Plenković following today’s question and answer period in parliament, where the government responded to questions from members of parliament.

  • EconomySept. 19, 2018

    Uljanik without oversight board

    The Uljanik group is without an oversight board as of today. Đino Šverko, the vice-president of the Metal Workers union, has resigned from his membership on the board.

  • PoliticsSept. 19, 2018

    Milanka Opačić leaves SDP

    Parliament representative Milanka Opačić has requested to be removed from the Social Democratic Party list of members after 28 years of membership.

  • DomesticSept. 18, 2018

    Zagreb man dies from West Nile virus

    Croatia has recorded its second fatality from the West Nile virus, doctors at the Fran Mihaljević Hospital in Zagreb have confirmed.

  • ForeignSept. 18, 2018

    Projects valued at €45 billion presented at Three Seas Initiative

    On the second day of the Three Seas Initiative summit the heads of state of member countries are holding a plenary session today titled: “An Initiative which delivers - key projects in energy, transport, digital interconnections. The Three Seas Initiative as catalyst for the cohesion and convergence of the EU and for the strengthening of the transatlantic link.”


  • My Two CentsMay 18, 2018

    All work and no play

    I’ve never had a permanent job in my life, so, naturally, there’s pretty much everything about them that’s foreign to me.

  • My Two CentsApril 21, 2018

    Stupider like a fox

    I let a lot of things go unsaid because actions speak louder than words. I always assumed that by living in Croatia it was a clear sign that I wanted to be here.

  • My Two CentsApril 6, 2018

    Guy Incognito

    The nice spring weather has got me thinking more about all the wonderful outdoorsy and culturally-rich things that one can get up to in the Croatian capital.

  • My Two CentsMarch 23, 2018

    If it works, it works

    This week’s post will focus on one particular phrase: If it works, it works. This is such a famous set of words in Croatian (Ako prodje, prodje) that it’s simply known as APP.

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