16:56 / 30.01.2023.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Milanović: Kosovo was stolen from Serbia; Crimea will never be Ukraine again

President Zoran Milanović

President Zoran Milanović

Foto: Luka Stanzl / PIXSELL

Croatian President, Zoran Milanović, commented on current political events today. He referred to the departure of Croatian soldiers as part of NATO's activities in Lithuania.

He also commented on the state of supplies in the Croatian army and the war in Ukraine.

“We will not be brought to depend entirely on the will of others”

President Zoran Milanović pointed out that Croatian soldiers go to Lithuania to train, and warned that Lithuania is a member of NATO.

“It wouldn't be fair not to go there. That would be a lack of solidarity,” said Milanović.

“We cannot and will not be led to completely depend on someone else's will over which we have no influence. I see that the head of NATO is in South Korea and Japan. I have known the man for twenty years, he does not represent me and my country there. It is not a NATO area, but it is in the neighborhood of China. It has nothing to do with Croatia. Things are being done over which we have no influence and no one is asking us, and they can seriously oblige us tomorrow,” added the president.

He added that Ukraine is a story that needs to be monitored 24 hours a day.

Our inventory is miserable!

President Milanović commented on the state of supplies in the Croatian army. He emphasized that he acquired the howitzers and that soon after that he ceased to be the prime minister, and that in the meantime no ordinance was acquired.

“We bought a BMW, we drive it in second gear, butcher it like a common last butcher. Who is responsible for that? I'm not. Otherwise, the stock situation is miserable. They go up with quality equipment that they cannot use in a serious way because we only have ammunition up to sixteen, seventeen kilometers. That's World War II level. And someone is responsible for that, as well as for empty warehouses,” said Milanović.

He said that five ships were ordered, there were terrible delays, and the company went bankrupt.

On the war in Ukraine: We and the Serbs did not hate each other so much

President Milanović also commented on the situation in Ukraine.

“That should be taken out. In principle, I am against sending funds there. People are dying there, and there is no plan”, he said.

He emphasized that some in the European Parliament are talking about "tearing up Russia", and that this is crazy.

“We and the Serbs didn't hate each other that much. This madness, if you can't put an end to it, get away, because it will transfer to you,” he pointed out.

“I mentally prepared myself for the fact that we will be brought to the status of clowns. The Croatian Democratic Union made us like that, but I won't let us become circus poodles, and that's what some are trying to do to us,” he said.

He emphasized that in the war between Russia and Ukraine, the stakes were raised high and that neither of them can back down.

“It is dangerous and I have been saying this since a year ago and the attack on Ukraine,” said Milanović.

“From 2014 to 2022, we are watching someone provoke Russia with the intention of starting this war. It broke out. It's been a year; we're just now talking about tanks. We will send all the German tanks there, the Russian ones have burned out. The same fate awaits these others,” added the Croatian president.

“This is not a question of morality, where until yesterday people were playful pacifists in dresses and now they would tear people apart. The solution is not a change of government in Russia. German tanks in Kharkiv will bring them closer to the Chinese,” he pointed out.

“This is not a good thing to do,” he warned.

He said that this is about going for "scorched earth".

About Kosovo

President Zoran Milanović, commented on the situation in Kosovo.

“This is questioning the whole concept, in which someone thinks they have the right. The same with Crimea - Crimea will never be Ukraine again. This is what the leading German generals are saying,” Milanović said.

He warned that thousands of people are dying in Ukraine.

“We are getting deeper and deeper into the conflict with a superpower. You know how they end up losing the war? They use nuclear weapons,” said Milanović.

“Serbia and Russia are not the same. Unfortunately, this is a painful fact and a danger. We annexed Kosovo. We and the international community. It was taken from Serbia. Who did it but us? Have we recognized Kosovo? It's not annexation, it's expropriation. What is it called? Extraction. This is not bringing Kosovo into the issue, but the whole concept,” he said.

He added that he is trying to open the eyes of others because "we are entering a war with a superpower".

He emphasized that Russia is a dangerous country.

“You don't understand anything. You are comparing the Serbs, those peasants who rebelled here, with the world's nuclear superpower," he pointed out.

“I see what is happening, how crazy emotions are leading Europe into something it will not be able to cope with,” he said.

“Ukrainians pathologically hate Russians, that's a fact. The Croats did not hate the Serbs as much as they hate the Russians there,” he said.

He pointed out that Russia will not allow a loss in the war, if necessary - it will resort to nuclear weapons.

“German tanks in Russia? Good luck with that,” Milanović added.

He warned that Russia is a dark country.

“Black is dark, that's not good. However, it has something it sees as its own interest, and we are going into conflict with them. You know who acts like that? The one who pays with other people's money,” he said.

“The question is how much we will help Ukraine. This is not help, this is torture. They should have been forced to the negotiating table. Three hundred thousand Ukrainians must die. It hurts my heart to watch it. It's about those who force them to watch it from cities that are not at war. They know they are safe, their cities will not burn. This is Armageddon, I'm not a believer, but I'm well-read about it,” said Milanović.

Source: HRT

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