19:39 / 21.07.2021.

Author: Katja Miličić

Croatia's euro coins to feature Nikola Tesla



Foto: Ilustracija / Shutterstock

Croatia has selected a number of motifs that will be featured on its euro coins including the distinctive red and white checkerboard pattern, a map of Croatia, the marten (the animal after which the Croatian kuna is named), Glagolitic script, and inventor Nikola Tesla, said Prime Minister Andrej Plenković on Wednesday.

To prepare for its entry into the Eurozone in 2023, at the earliest, Croatia initiated a process to select a number of motifs that would be featured on its iteration of the European currency. Two committees selected five of the design elements that were deemed acceptable to the wider public and had strong symbolic value, while Nikola Tesla was chosen through an on-line poll.

“We have until January 1, 2023, that’s fewer than 18 months, less time than since the beginning of the pandemic, just to illustrate how short a time that is. In order to transition to the euro, we have to meet all the requirements. Every country has the right to feature its own national symbols on one side of the coins,” Plenković explained.

Describing the design idea, Plenković said the checkerboard pattern would serve as the background on all the coins. The map would be featured on the 2 euro coin, while the marten would be on the 1 euro coin. Nikola Tesla would grace the 50, 20, and 10 cent coins and Glagolitic letters spelling out RH would be on the 5, 2, and 1 cent coins, he said.

Tesla was selected in an on-line poll conducted July 1 – 15 in which the public could cast their vote for their favorite motif from the five options mentioned above and a write-in selection. The public submitted more than 11 thousand suggestions, but Tesla was by far the most popular, getting 2.5 times the votes that the runner-up suggestion received.

“He was the one they liked best and made the final five. He pushed out Dubrovnik, if I understand correctly,” Plenković said. Dubrovnik had been one of the motifs in the on-line poll.

Tesla, one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century, was born in Gospić, Croatia into a Serbian family. He is claimed by both Croatia and Serbia as a historic national hero.

In early August, the Croatian National Bank will announce a competition for the design of the coins, featuring the selected motifs.

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