(Photo: Sanjin Strukic/PIXSELL) (Photo: Sanjin Strukic/PIXSELL)

The epicentre was in Markuševec. Inhabitants of the small town outside Zagreb say the damage can’t be measures. Mira Jordanić said that after nights of no sleep she can now go into her living room.

“My sister and I slept the first night in a car, the upper floor was severely damaged and we were afraid it would further fall in. Last night we slept in the living room, prayed to God for everything to turn out well and it did. We are waiting for structural engineers to arrive,” said Mira.

In the Podsljeme zone houses were so damaged that they could not be lived in. In the last 24 hours more than 700 damage reports were received.

“There are many damaged houses with cracks inside that cannot be seen. We are in constant contact with people and we are trying to place priority buildings first for when structural engineers arrive,” said Tomislav Antolović, the head of the Markuševec Municipal Council.

“We definitely have around 30 heavily damaged buildings. Yesterday we walked around the town and structural engineers came out onto the terrain,” noted Krešimir Kompesak, the president of the Podsljeme City Neighbourhoods’ Council.

All of those whose homes have been damaged have been accommodated in Cvjetno Naselje in Zagreb. There is room and for now there are 176 citizens there. Around 300 structural engineers are on the terrain assessing the state of buildings and houses.

“I ask citizens for patience, it is a big job, an expert job, they can’t do everything at once, there are around seven thousand requests for inspection and we have conducted around two thousand until now. They need a few more days to give an assessment of everything that needs to be done,” said Damir Trut, the Civil Defence Director and Deputy Chief of the National Civil Defence Headquarters.

The archaeological museum is still waiting for an assessment. Nothing was spared damage in the quake, including the building itself and the permanent display, not a single square metre.

“We believe the building isn’t that threatened so we can concentrate on our primary domain and that is the permanent display and priceless treasure that the museum keeps in its holdings,” said Sanjin Mihelić, the Director of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb.

63 institutions have been damaged in the science and education system: 23 elementary schools, 2 secondary schools, 20 university faculties and 18 institutes.

Source: HRT