18:02 / 06.06.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Food on the Croatian market is safe



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On Monday at the 4th Croatian Conference on Food Risk Assessment it was said that food on the Croatian market is safe, and we are part of the European food safety system, which is the most complex and demanding and therefore provides the highest level of consumer protection. World Food Safety Day was organized by the Croatian Agency for Agriculture and Food.

The director of the Croatian Agency for Agriculture and Food Darja Sokolić said that Croatian consumers think about food safety even more than the average EU citizen, which was the reason why the European Food Safety Agency last year, along with six other member states, chose our country where it funded the Europe Chooses Safe Food project with an aim to encourage additional consumer education related to food safety and point out the science behind food safety.

“We were rated the best and this year we were given the opportunity to conduct another campaign that begins in the middle of this month,” said Sokolić.

The Director of the Directorate for Veterinary and Food Safety, Tatjana Karačić, noted that the high priority of the Ministry of Agriculture is to ensure the health of food in order to protect public health. She also pointed out that the Ministry prepares several types of food monitoring in the field of food safety every year, for which 24 million kuna has been allocated this year as well.

“The results of all our monitoring, both last year and before, indicate that there is a high level of food safety in Croatia, so that domestic consumers can be quite sure of food on the market,” she said.

She added that all food that is inconsistent according to results of analysis is in the process of disintegration and is being withdrawn from the market very quickly.

She also announced that the Ministry of Agriculture is working on several laws in the field of food safety, including new laws on food, food hygiene and microbiological criteria, and animal health.

Adviser to the Minister of Health Vera Katalinić Janković emphasized that food is one of the elements that significantly affects the preservation of human health.

“Hippocrates said long ago that food is our medicine, that it builds our organism and makes us what we really are,” she recalled, adding that the Ministry of Health in the field of food specifically monitors new food and residues of GMOs, additives and contaminants in food.

The World Health Organization (WHO) points out that one in ten people in the world is affected by foodborne diseases each year, and this year's World Food Safety Day campaign under the slogan “Safer Food, Better Health” emphasizes the need to transform food systems to ensure better health in a sustainable manner and to prevent the occurrence of foodborne diseases.

Source: HRT

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