17:28 / 05.03.2023.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Fitness equipment from Bjelovar conquering the world

Fitness equipment from Bjelovar

Fitness equipment from Bjelovar

Foto: HTV / HRT

Without innovation, especially when it comes to smaller companies, it is difficult to break into the global market today. Thanks to its own innovations and ideas, a small company from Bjelovar has succeeded in the production of fitness equipment, and the demand is so great that everything ends up being exported, all over the world. The domestic market will have to wait for now.

The demand for high-quality fitness equipment is so great that what used to be a small business is gradually turning into a factory. A new laser cutter bought with money from European funds accelerated the production of special devices by ten times, but there are still a number of demanding jobs for workers.

“It means that these devices are handmade and that they are specific in terms of their biomechanics, which is clearly recognizable in the world, and that is why it is recognized and sold all over the world,” explained production manager Matija Lakota.

A treadmill without a motor

Due to business expansion, the company moved from Bjelovar to a larger facility in nearby Nova Rača. The small business experienced a real boom after the owner designed a treadmill without a motor, unique in the world, and received an award for the invention.

“For a belt with a Ferro fluid brake - we are also developing some other devices based on this technology. We are one of the few companies in Europe that produces treadmills, all others are produced either in America or China,” said Ferrodus director Vedran Presečki.

“Users everywhere had nothing but words of praise for the unique product from Bjelovar, so it became known all over the world. Therefore, sales, despite the competition, are a sweet concern,” confirmed sales director Jelena Jakšić.

“Surprisingly, but extremely easy, we sell worldwide, from Australia to the USA. The last location from which we received an inquiry was the Philippines and, just the other day, we delivered to Norway. The next shipment goes to Great Britain,” she added.

During production, they collaborate with world-famous fitness trainers. Although the former production of 150 devices per year is now many times larger, they still have to refuse some customers or ask them to be patient.

Source: HRT

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