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  • American in CroatiaDec. 8, 2017

    Order In the Head

    Our waiter brought three plates of food for the four of us. My wife, my daughter, and my mother-in-law all received what they had ordered. I didn’t. But, I assumed that maybe my order was taking longer to make. So, I waited… and waited… and waited.

  • American in CroatiaDec. 1, 2017

    The Fantastic Toplana

    Every time I visit Split in winter, it’s a chilly experience. When I shower, there is a limited amount of hot water, in an unheated bathroom, so I dry off as fast as possible and run to the hallway where my clothes have been placed on the "peć", which is a giant electric heater, box like thing.

  • American in CroatiaNov. 24, 2017

    Black Friday Cometh

    So there I was standing in the lobby of our building, waiting for the elevator, while my wife held up an advertising flyer from some store. Oh no, I thought. No. NOOOOOOO! The flyer was taunting me, burning its add into the irises of my eye.

  • American in CroatiaNov. 17, 2017

    Does Croatia Need Batman?

    When I was young and couldn’t sleep I would lay in bed and imagine what it was like to be Batman. I would envision myself running along the rooftops of Tulsa’s downtown, swinging from between our three skyscrapers, and of course stopping crime.

  • American in CroatiaNov. 10, 2017

    Propuh, Papuče, and Punica the Play

    This week the theatre version of my book premiered at the Gradsko kazalište mladih - Split. I wasn’t able to attend the opening performance, but a more appropriate person went on my behalf, punica.

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