The newly-infected person is a close family contact of an existing case in the northern city of Varaždin, the Fran Mihaljević Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Zagreb confirmed.

There are now four confirmed cases in Varaždin, three in Zagreb, and five in Rijeka.

"All of our patients, at the moment, are doing well. Some have moderate symptoms, while the vast majority have very mild symptoms. And I would like to underline that, according to the latest information, the mortality rate is less than the two percent that was quoted at the outset of this outbreak," said Health Minister Vili Beroš.

Meanwhile, epidemiologist Alemka Markotić said people with pre-existing medical conditions, namely "heart issues, high blood pressure, diabetics, those with lung problems and other immune deficiencies," were of much higher of developing more serious symptoms.

Last Thursday, Health Minister Vili Beroš declared a danger from an infectious diseases epidemic as an administrative measure at the recommendation of the Croatian Public Health Institute. The measure will enable the minister to reallocate people and equipment in the healthcare system as necessary.

Both Croatia and the European Union currently have sufficient resources to respond to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, however, it remains to be seen how long this crisis will last, Croatian Minister Beroš said in Brussels on Friday after an extraordinary meeting of the European Union's health ministers over the COVID-19 virus.

Source: HRT