Minister of Health Vili Beroš (Photo: HRT) Minister of Health Vili Beroš (Photo: HRT)

For now there have been no new cases of Coronavirus infection in Croatia and the number of infected is currently at 19. Good news is that tests on the first infected have come up negative. Speaking for Croatian Radio Television, Minister of Health Vili Beroš said that if the second consecutive test of the first two infected people proves negative they will be released within 48 hours for home care.

“They themselves are asking why they aren't being sent home when they are not showing any symptoms. However, as I have said, we base our deliberations on the aspect of expertise. Experts have said that they can't be released in the event that they are asymptomatic, which they are,” said Minister Beroš.

One of the people that were confirmed to be infected yesterday has a daughter that attends elementary school in the Vrbani neighborhood of Zagreb. Beroš confirmed that the child was tested last night and the result was negative. He added that by 6pm 431 people had been tested.

“Late last night I was in contact with the Minister of Education and all school principals. We discussed all possible options, however this morning when we received the test results, when it was confirmed that she is negative, I also spoke to the principal. Regardless, epidemiologists from the Public Health Institute went to the school and will provide further instructions, but suspicion of the disease spreading here has been ruled out,” said Beroš.

This morning the government refuted false news about organizing quarantines in Zagreb which quickly spread on social networks.

“I think people that do that are idiots and I think they should be held criminally responsible. That is actually dreadful, that in a situation in which we are demonstrating and making all efforts for the system to be well organized on one side and for everything to function properly in a situation in which Europe is where it is, for someone to do that is crazy,” said Minister Tomislav Ćorić.

In the meantime, 29 people, of which 20 are foreign and 9 are Croatian citizens, who arrived on the Marco Polo ferry at the Split harbor yesterday, from Ancona Italy, have been placed in quarantine in a hotel in Split. They will have to remain there for the next 14 days.

Source: HRT