Members of the National Headquarters to fight the Coronavirus at a news conference. (Photo: HRT) Members of the National Headquarters to fight the Coronavirus at a news conference. (Photo: HRT)

Considering the state of affairs in Italy, new cases can be expected. At the same time a closing of the borders is being considered. Minister of Health Vili Beroš has confirmed that the National Headquarters to fight the virus is considering new measures.

“We foresaw long ago what is happening now. We are prepared, not only for this scenario which is under control in the Republic of Croatia at this moment, but also for many others. Be sure that we will implement all measures that are necessary to protect the health of Croatian citizens,” said Beroš.

The minister also commented a case at the Dubrava Hospital in Zagreb where a man with suspicious symptoms arrived at the emergency ward. The person in question did not spend time outside the country and was not in contact with those infected. He tested negative for the Coronavirus. The minister said they acted properly at the hospital but also told citizens to first contact their family doctor's in such situations.

“In all those suspected cases it is necessary to first call, because we then organize adequate transport, people in waiting rooms are less exposed, healthcare workers are less exposed and that is a rational and founded manner of action, and we appeal to all to stick to these recommendations,” said the minister.

The deputy director of the Fran Mihaljević clinic for infectious diseases, Roko Čivljak also gave instructions.

“At our hospital in front of the emergency ward there is a bell and a clear warning for those who could potentially be infected to first ring the bell and tell us they're here before entering the waiting room, so that a potentially infected person does not enter the waiting room and infect others,” said Čivljak.

Some people believe that too small a number of people in Croatia are being tested. Minister Beroš has refuted information saying that only 40 samples can be tested in one day.

“That is not true. We can test as many as necessary. At this moment I think eight are being processed, however this is done on the basis of any moment when a new person arrives. But what is for certain is that we test everyone for whom it is necessary,” said Beroš.

The National headquarters for the fight against the Coronavirus has recommended that trips be postponed along with public gatherings.

“It is better when there are no bigger gatherings. We are managing this in a manner that does not create any psychosis in society, because life must continue. Whether or not certain planned events are necessary, needs to be evaluated for each concrete case. I think there is little that is of such a nature that can't be postponed,” said Interior Minister Davor Božinović.

Source: HRT