17:17 / 23.05.2023.

Author: Branko Lozančić

New York declared Croatian Heritage Day

New York Mayor Eric Adams

New York Mayor Eric Adams

Foto: Branka Slavica / HTV/HRT

Late last night, according to our time, at a ceremony in New York, the Croatian flag was raised on Bowling Green in Manhattan.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams issued a solemn proclamation, declaring May 22 Croatian Heritage Day, recognizing the heritage and contribution of American Croats and Croatia to the city of New York.

Consul General of Croatia Nikica Kopačević presented Mayor Adams with the official jersey of our football team.

“Since the first ship from Croatia came to New York in 1797, many Croats have found their home here. They brought here their Central European diligence and Mediterranean passion,” said New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

Source: HRT

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