18:56 / 27.09.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Sovereignists begin collecting signatures for a referendum on the euro on October 24th

A memorandum has been signed on the beginning of production for euro coins

A memorandum has been signed on the beginning of production for euro coins

Foto: Illustration / HRT

On October 24th, Croatian Sovereignists will begin a two-week collection of signatures for calling a referendum on joining the Eurozone, because they believe that the Croatian people must provide their opinion on renunciation of monetary sovereignty.

Croatia's entry into the Eurozone is a crucial issue that can only be decided by the Croatian people in a referendum, said Sovereign MP Marijan Pavliček at a press conference in front of the Croatian National Bank building, a month before collecting signatures for the referendum.

“Two months ago, Croatian Sovereignists launched the “Protect the Croatian Kuna” initiative, which has since been joined by the Croatian Party of Rights, Independent for Croatia, Generation of Renewal and prominent individuals,” said Pavliček, convinced that the initiative will receive even wider support.

The President of the Organizing Committee of the Referendum Initiative, Member of Parliament Marko Milanović Liter, said that the referendum question would read: “Are you in favor of introducing a provision in the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia that reads: The currency of the Republic of Croatia is the kuna, which is divided into 100 lipa. A decision on the change of the monetary unit in the Republic of Croatia is made by voters in a referendum?"

"This issue is aimed at restoring democracy in Croatia, at restoring citizens' trust in politics. We want to create the future of Croatia together with citizens, so that citizens are involved in all processes important for the future of the state," said Milanović Liter.

Pavliček announced stands at 250 locations, convinced that a sufficient number of signatures would be collected, which is a little more than 380,000.

He reiterated his disagreement with the ruling party's thesis that Croatian citizens decided to join the Eurozone by joining the EU. "No one knew the conditions for joining the EU, nor was the question of joining the Eurozone brought up then," said Pavliček.

Čirko: Croatian kuna in the Croatian wallet

Nikica Augustinović and Frano Čirko, the presidents of the Croatian Party of Rights and the Generation of Reconstruction, came to support the initiative.

“We already have a four-digit number of registered volunteers. There is great enthusiasm regarding the referendum, from which we conclude that it is politically legitimate to ask the Croatian people whether they are for the introduction of the euro,” said Čirko.

He called on everyone who cares about the introduction of the euro to apply as volunteers, especially young people who, he says, are the ones who join the initiative the most.

“I hope that together we will fight for the Croatian kuna to remain in the Croatian wallet and for this building to remain the Croatian National Bank,” said Čirko.

Milanović Liter also presented the results of the Eurobarometer conducted several months ago. He said that the results of the survey showed that only 23 percent of Croatian citizens are in favor of joining the Eurozone as soon as possible.

He added that the Sovereignists are doing their own research, which they will present in October, emphasizing that the results exceeded all expectations.

Source: HRT

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