18:49 / 20.03.2021.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Zubčić takes 2nd place in Giant Slalom

Filip Zubčić (Screenshot: HRT)

Filip Zubčić (Screenshot: HRT)

Foto: - / HRT

The young Croatian skier took 2nd place in the last giant slalom of the season, which was held in Lenzerheide, Switzerland on Saturday.

Frenchman Alexis Pintaurault, who was 1st after the first run, secured the victory with a time of 2: 15.75. Croatia’s Filip Zubčić was 2nd with a time of 1: 15.95, only 20 hundredths of a second behind Pintaurault. Another Frenchman, Mathieu Faivre was 3rd, 21 hundredths of a second behind Zubčić.

Pintaurault has taken the crystal globe in the giant slalom with 700 points in the discipline. Switzerland’s Marco Odermatt is 2nd with 649 points after finishing 11th today. For the second consecutive season Zubčić ends the year in third place in the giant slalom rankings, this time with 606 points.

In the overall ranking Pintaurault secured 1st place with 1200 points. Odermatt is 2nd with 1093 points, while Austrian Marco Schwarz is 3rd with 774 points. Zubčić is 5th in the overall ranking with 744 points.

Filip Zubčić (Screenshot: HRT)

Filip Zubčić (Screenshot: HRT)

Foto: - / HRT

This season Zubčić has had a podium finish six times in the Giant Slalom, winning twice - in Italy's Santa Caterina and Bulgaria's Bansko.

"I really had a phenomenal consistency, but we can always do better and that is my goal. I am very happy with these results, but I'm always looking to do better. But, you have to take it one step at a time. I think I can achieve even better results in the coming seasons," Zubčić said after the race.

The season will end in Lenzerheide tomorrow with the slalom.

Lenzerheide, Men’s Giant Slalom results:

1. Alexis Pintaurault (France) 2: 15.75

2. Filip Zubčić (Croatia) 2: 15.95 +0.20

3. Mathieu Faivre (France) 2: 15.96 +0.21

4. Stefan Brennsteiner (Austria) 2: 16.21 +0.46

5. Luca De Aliprandini (Italy) 2: 16.39 +0.64

Source: HRT

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