17:52 / 16.04.2023.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Tin Srbič wins gold medal at European Championship!

Tin Srbić on the podium

Tin Srbić on the podium

Foto: Slobodan Kadić / HGS

Croatian gymnast Tin Srbič won the gold medal in the horizontal bar event in his third final at the European championships. Our Tin was the best in the last final, which closed this year's European Championship in Antalya, Turkey.

Tin Srbić started the hunt for another big medal as the fifth runner-up. Srbič won the gold with a score of 14,233, Italian Carlo Macchini was second with 14,200, and Ukrainian Illia Kovtun won bronze with 13,966.

Srbič now has seven major gymnastics finals - Olympic in Tokyo 2021, two European - in Szczecin 2019 and Mersin 2020, and three world finals - Montreal 2017, Doha 2018 and Stuttgart 2019. And in only one was he not on the podium, in Doha when he was fourth in the world.

The great Croatian gymnast has silver from the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020, and gold from the World Cup in Montreal in 2017 and silver from the World Cup two years later in Stuttgart.

This was the 34th European final of our gymnastics since the founding of Croatia, and to date we have won ten senior medals - seven silver medals (two by Ude, two by Srbić, Seligman, Možnik, and Benović), one bronze (Seligman) and two gold, which were brought to us by today's president of the Croatian Gymnastics federation Marijo Možnik and today's fantastic Srbić.

Source: HRT

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