16:33 / 28.05.2023.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Sinković brothers win the gold medal at the European Rowing Championships

Brothers Valent and Martin Sinković

Brothers Valent and Martin Sinković


The reigning Olympic champions and gold medal winners at the 2022 European Rowing Championships in Munich, continue to dominate the world of rowing with a flawless finish in Sunday’s final in Slovenia.

Brothers Martin and Valent Sinković took the gold medal in the Men's Double Sculls event, at the European Rowing Championship being held on Bled Lake in neighboring Slovenia. The Italian and Dutch teams finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. Speaking after the race, Martin said that they were prompted to change up their tactics over some criticism from spectators: “We changed it up a little to make it a better race, because people said we're getting boring. So, we gave them a little line, and then reeled them back in.”

Brother Valent however, noted that the upcoming break in the season is much needed: “This pause coming up is welcome, because we're starting to feel it in our backs now. But then we're moving on into the most important part of the season.”

Another Croatian team comprised of siblings, Patrik and Anton Lončarić, competed in the "B" finals of the Men's Pair event on Sunday, finishing 4th in their heat and 10th overall. In the men's single sculls, Damir Martin finished 5th in today's "B" final, putting him 11th overall. In women's action, sisters Ivana and Josipa Jurković finished 4th in "A" final in the women's pair discipline today. Romania took the gold medal, followed by the Dutch and Spanish teams.

Source: HRT

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