19:26 / 05.01.2022.

Author: Katja Miličić

Men’s World Cup slalom on Sljeme rescheduled for Thursday



Foto: Slavko Midzor / PIXSELL

The men's World Cup slalom that was to take place on Mt. Sljeme in Zagreb on Wednesday has been postponed until Thursday due to extreme weather that has affected parts of the course.

International Ski Federation representatives concluded on Wednesday morning that the conditions on the lower portion of the course were too poor to go ahead with the race.

“Unfortunately, today's conditions were right on the edge of what is acceptable, but on the wrong side. The snow was heavy and softened because of everything that was done to it, because of yesterday's ski race, and because of a lot of salt. In my opinion, it would be too dangerous to let skiers start, and we need to think about the safety of the athletes,” said Emmanuel Couder, the Coordinator of Alpine Ski World Cup Men’s Technical Events. Couder had heated discussions with race director Vedran Pavlek throughout the morning about all possible options.

Temperatures in Zagreb were unseasonably warm in recent days, reaching up to 16 degrees Celsius on Wednesday. The situation was made even worse by afternoon showers and a blanket of fog that enveloped the mountain in the afternoon.

The forecast calls for snow overnight and much colder temperatures, which will likely improve the condition of the course by start time, 1 pm Thursday. The second run is scheduled for 4:15 pm.

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