13:07 / 14.03.2023.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Levačić is the youngest woman in history to swim the Oceans Seven

Dina Levačić

Dina Levačić

Foto: Milan Sabic / PIXSELL

Croatian long-distance swimmer Dina Levačić swam the 23-kilometer-wide Cook Strait in New Zealand, becoming the 23rd person in the world and the first from Croatian to swim all seven major world marathons, collectively known as the Oceans Seven.

Of the Big Seven swimming marathons, she has previously completed six: the Catalina Channel in California, the English Channel in Europe, the Molokaʻi Channel in Hawaii, the Tsugaru Strait in Japan, the Strait of Gibraltar and the North Channel between Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The Split native announced her success on Tuesday around seven in the morning Croatian time, after 11 hours of swimming, with quite high waves and a sea temperature of around 16 degrees Celsius. With this success, she also celebrated her 27th birthday. The youngest person to accomplish this feat so far was Thomas Pembroke of Australia, who swam all seven straits in 2018 at the age of 29.

The first person to swim all seven straits was Stephen Redmond who completed the "collection" in July 2012. The last person to do so was Adrian Sarchet in February 2020.

Source: HRT

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