18:13 / 14.06.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Dalić: We need to play more offensively against the Czechs, we need a win

Croatian coach Zlatko Dalić

Croatian coach Zlatko Dalić

Foto: Slavko Midzor / PIXSELL

The Croatian national football team started its campaign in Group D at the Euro with a defeat against England.

Coach Zlatko Dalić said at a press conference that the defeat against England will not spoil the atmosphere in the team.

“We lost the game to a team that is one of the favorites of the Euro. I hope we will be in better shape. We played against a team that played at home and was under pressure, he said, adding: “I can’t say we played badly, but we weren’t good enough to win the game.”

He also pointed out that he is aware that they are not good forward and that they lack more depth and action.

“We were an equal opponent against England and Belgium - in possession of the ball and all parameters, except in depth vertically and in the finish. We have to solve this problem because otherwise it will not be good. Tactically we played a very good game. We reduced the English to two shots on goal,” he pointed out.

When it comes to second place in the group which is better for us in the rest of the championship, he said he is not thinking about what second or third place will bring.

“I'm just thinking about passing the group. I don’t want to think about what, who and how we’re going to get. We have to think about ourselves, improve the game in the attack phase, because it will not be easy for us against the Czech Republic or Scotland. I am an optimist. I can’t be pessimistic after Belgium or England where we didn’t win, but we weren’t a subordinate opponent either,” said the coach.

He also referred to the match with the Czech Republic, which is scheduled for Friday, June 18.

“We set a stronger midfield against Belgium and England and that was good. Now we have to go for the win. We haven't calculated against England either, but we have to be more offensive. We will certainly work on that segment and put the story together. Some players are not in shape as before, but we have to find and get the most out of it and put it into action because we need a win,” he stressed.

In their last 10 games, Croatia has two victories and has scored 12 goals.

“I said that to the players at the meeting that we need a good result and a victory that would give us confidence and wind in our backs,” said Dalić.

He also referred to Borna Barišić's injury.

“Upon arrival in Rovinj, he skipped two training sessions due to an injury he brought from Scotland. He was on an MRI today to see what his condition was and the findings are pending. It is a handicap and bad luck for us because we play in Scotland on his field,” said the Croatian coach.

When asked how the event with Christian Eriksen affected the team, Dalic said that everyone was shocked.

“He plays in the same club with Brozović and Perišić. There were a lot of games, it was a hard season. We played yesterday, we returned to the camp immediately, we travel again in two days, it's a big fatigue for the players, while some national teams are sitting at home waiting for their opponents,” said coach Dalic, adding that the hard season and Covid-19 must have influenced consequences for the players.

Source: HRT

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