13:10 / 24.11.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Dalić: The statement by the Canadian coach? I don't know how nice that was

Zlatko Dalić

Zlatko Dalić

Foto: Goran Stanzl / PIXSELL

The Croatian national football team played 0:0 with Morocco in the first round of Group F of the World Cup in Qatar.

It was a game with few real chances, and after it a consensus was formed in the public that there was a lack of determination in the game when it comes to the Croatian attack.

After a good night's sleep, a media conference was held in the camp of the Croatian national team from 8:15 a.m., and coach Zlatko Dalić was present.

“I'm sure I'm not too satisfied and too happy with one point. Neither is the team because we want to win. We are not happy, but we played against a good and organized opponent. We must do much better, we had several good situations, but we have to improve and play better in attack,” said Dalić at the beginning of the conference.

On Sunday, Croatia will face Canada at 5 p.m. Yesterday, the Canadians played a good game, but they were defeated by Belgium.

“Canada is certainly a dangerous opponent, they played better than in some past matches. We must be careful against them. There is no easy opponent in the group, it is their right to hope, to be ambitious, but our goal is to win,” added Dalić.

Canadian coach John Herdman announced that his team would take down Croatia, using the “F” word to describe what Canada would do to Croatia.

“Each of us chooses our own style of communication. The gentleman expressed himself like that, I don't know how beautiful and fine it is, but it is his right. We will not look back on it. We must show that we are better on the field. That is his right, and everyone comments on what they think is the best,” explained Dalić.

Defense against Morocco?

“Defensively we were very good against Morocco, but in the opening we were too slow and had too few deep balls. We don't know what the reason was because they also analyzed us. We also had a poor flow of the ball, too few balls for the midfielders who went down to the back line to get the ball. And you could see in Brozović that he was lacking games played. With Vlašić, we tried to get a player more to move the ball forward, the ball went a lot between the two stoppers, and our flanks also failed. However, it is likely because Morocco defended with discipline. They had that middle block and they were waiting for us. They did that really well. We failed, but Morocco's good defense also contributed to that,” said Dalić.

“A goal was missing for them to open up a bit and to get more free space. Someone was missing to break through their block one on one. They positioned themselves better, it is their merit that they were good in the defensive phase, but we also needed to do better.

Nikola Vlašić should be at training tomorrow despite his injury against Morocco. The coach said that he does not yet know what he will change, they need to analyze Canada today.

Dalić pointed out that his team did not go for a point against Morocco.

Source: HRT

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