19:40 / 05.12.2021.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Croatia falls short of its third Davis Cup title

Marin Čilić

Marin Čilić

Foto: Susana Vera / REUTERS

The Croatian Davis Cup team lost to Russia 2:0 in the final of the Davis Cup in Madrid, Spain on Sunday. This was Russia’s third Davis Cup title, having won in 2002 and 2006.

Borna Gojo (ATP No. 279) opened play for Croatia, losing a heartbreaker to the heavily favoured Andrey Rublev (ATP No. 5) in straight sets, 6:4, 7:5. Despite losing the first set relatively easily, Gojo put up a strong fight in the second, pushing the set to a tie-break. Ultimately however, he would coming up just short, losing 7:5 in the tie-breaker.

Marin Čilić (ATP No. 30) was next on the court, squaring off against Daniil Medvedev (ATP No. 2). After a closely fought set, Medvedev took the lead with 7:6 win, following a 9:7 tie-breaker. However, Medvedev would make short work of Čilić in the second set, winning 6:2.

On its way to the final, the Croatian Davis Cup team beat out Italy and Serbia. One of the highlights came on Friday, when Borna Gojo turned in a fantastic win over Dušan Lajović (ATP No. 33), to help Croatia oust Serbia and advance to the final.

Croatia has won the Davis Cup twice. In 2005 Croatia won its first Davis Cup over Slovakia as the first unseeded nation to win the title, and also reached No. 1 at the ITF rankings for the first time. Croatia reached semifinals in 2009 but lost to Czech Republic 4-1. In 2016 Croatia reached the finals for the second time, again as unseeded nation, but lost to Argentina. Two years later, in 2018, Croatia won its second title by beating defending champion France and becoming the last Davis Cup champion in the old best-of-five competition format, and also the 10th country overall with more than one title.

Source: HRT

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