18:10 / 17.12.2021.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Zadar County cleared of mines

Zadar County

Zadar County

Foto: Zeljko Mrsic / Pixsell

Interior Minister Davor Božinović attended a ceremony in Zadar on Friday marking the completion of mine clearance activities in Zadar County.

Zadar County head Božidar Longin was presented on that occasion with a certificate showing that the county is no longer among areas suspected of being infested with mines left over from the Homeland War.

According to UN estimates, 1,260 square kilometres of territory in the county were suspected of having contained mines.

Minister Božinović said that mine removal was one of the priorities in the field of security and that it was systematically invested in.

The success is visible, said the minister. Croatia's mine-clearing efforts have put the country among global leaders in mine clearance. Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Syria have all asked for Croatia's help and expertise in this regard, noted the minister.

Mines still pose a threat to the full normalisation of life in seven counties, said Božinović, where there are still 15,000 mines on an area of 208 square kilometres. said.

Around seven billion kuna has been spent on mine removal since 1998. More than 600 people have been injured by mines since the end of the Homeland War - 204 fatally. The latest case happening in Karlovac County in March this year.

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