18:02 / 27.03.2022.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Ukrainian refugees continue to arrive in Croatia

Ukrainian refugees

Ukrainian refugees

Foto: Emica Elvedji / Pixsell

A total of 10,409 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Croatia so far - with just over 2,000 arriving in the last seven days - the Ministry of the Interior posted on the Croatia for Ukraine website.

Since 25 February, the Civil Protection Directorate has mobilised 36 facilities to accommodate the refugees, three reception centres and 33 facilities for collective accommodation, one catering company and one transport company.

Marijana Grubešić, from UNICEF Croatia, said over 3 million kunas have been gathered locally to help children who are refugees or internally displaced due to the ongoing conflict. UNICEF itself has helped to privide extensive aid to Ukraine.

"UNICEF has so far delivered 800 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine alone. Drinking water is delivered by truck to areas where there is no drinking water. We have also sent humanitarian aid including medical supplies and medicines, as well as blankets and clothes since some areas are still cold and many girls and boys are forced to be in shelters. For example, through our humanitarian aid system, we have supported over 50 health institutions with essential medical supplies and thus provided medicines for about 400,000 mothers and children," said Grubešić.

The Ministry of the Interior on 20 March launched a bilingual website that provides daily information of relevance for Ukrainian refugees and for Croatians offering assistance to them.

The website - Croatia for Ukraine - contains information on the number of refugees arriving in Croatia, accommodation capacity, ways to help the refugees and information for Croatians who have taken in the refugees.

The section of the website in the Ukrainian language provides answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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