17:59 / 09.04.2022.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Tourism Association expects strong Easter weekend



Foto: Grgo Jelavic / Pixsell

The Croatian Tourism Association expects half of the country's hotels to be open for business during the Easter Holiday weekend. 

Thanks in large part to the removal of nearly all epidemiological measures, those in the tourism industry expect up to 20% more people to visit the country during the holiday weekend compared to last year.

And with 25 hotels open in Opatija, the seaside resort town of expects to record some 16,000 overnight stays.

Further south, most of the hotels in Dubrovnik will open their doors this month as the tourism season unofficially gets underway, said the director of the Dubrovnik Tourism Association, Ana Hrnić.

Veljko Ostojić, director of the Croatian Tourism Association said a mini-tourism boom was expected since Easter falls relatively late in the year.

"Bookings have been relatively good. At the same time, the success of the Easter weekend will depend heavily on the weather. Regardless, I expect this to be an excellent start to the tourism season despite the current global situation," said Ostojić.

A big help in boosting tourism numbers is the government's decision to remove restrictive epidemiological measures. Ostojić added that he expected tourism in the country to develop normally in the coming months and years.

Tatjana Nemeth Blažić of the Public Health Institute noted that EU citizens no longer have to show their Covid Certificates when entering the county. "Citizens coming from third countries, however, must still present their certificates but they don't have to explain the purpose of their stay."

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