20:23 / 02.10.2021.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Three parties join Croatian Sovereigntists

Croatian Sovereigntists

Croatian Sovereigntists

Foto: Zeljko Hladika / PIXSELL

Three parties on Saturday joined the parliamentary opposition Croatian Sovereigntists party - significantly bolstering the ranks of the right-wing political group in parliament. 

MP Marijan Pavliček, the party's newly-elected president, told the press after the founding assembly that this was "a good start" of a coming together on the right wing.

He voiced confidence that in the next year or two they would become the strongest right-wing political group in the country.

Responding to questions, Pavliček said they wanted to be a modern, right wing alternative to the ruling elite.

The Sovereignists now hope to attract members of the fragmented Homeland Movement after the resignation of party founder Miroslav Škoro - perhaps even the former presidential candidate himself.

He said a large part of Škoro's many sympathisers would join the Sovereigntists and that his joining the party's caucus would enable them to focus more on "enterprise, the economy and such."

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