22:12 / 15.12.2021.

Author: Katja Miličić

Those who flout Covid pass rules could face large fines

The Croatian Parliament

The Croatian Parliament

Foto: HRT / HTV

Croatian lawmakers passed legislation on Wednesday that introduces fines of 30 to 50 thousand kuna for anyone who fails to implement or comply with Covid pass rules in public institutions.

The measures were written into the Law on the Protection of the Public from Infectious Diseases. Prior to the vote, the amendments sparked a heated debate in the Sabor, including one exchange between Most MP Nino Raspudić and SDP MP Peđa Grbin that looked as if it might get physical.

The law applies to what it calls “responsible individuals” in “public legal entities”. The Sabor issued a statement explaining some of these details. It stated that a public legal entity is any lawmaking, executive, or judicial body of government, from the national to the regional and local levels, while a responsible individual is the person in charge of the body, such as a mayor, county prefect, or district executive. The one case in the private sector where the Covid pass ruels apply is private health care providers. Passes are required for public health care providers and all public institutions.

“The goal of this security measure is to block the entry of individuals into certain spaces if they do not present proof of testing, vaccination, or having had the infectious disease, which would prevent the disease from spreading,” the statement said.

If an individual refuses to show proof of testing, vaccination or having had the infectious disease, that individual will be denied entry into certain spaces.

Individuals in charge of public legal entities must ensure that these security measures are implemented.

Last month, Croatia enacted the Covid pass requirement for all public sector employees and anyone entering a public institution. People who are unvaccinated can enter with a negative test. Workers who are not vaccinated and have not had Covid can continue to work if they are tested regularly.

The amendments passed 77 votes to 27. Most’s MPs left the chamber in protest before the vote. Most is organizing a referendum to end Covid passes which they claim were implemented illegally.

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