19:24 / 22.04.2022.

Author: Katja Miličić

State Attorneys looking into allegations against Minister Paladina

Ivan Paladina

Ivan Paladina

Foto: Zeljko Hladika / PIXSELL

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković has yet to reshuffle his cabinet but trouble could already be brewing for another one of his current ministers, one that he named only last month, Ivan Paladina. 

The State Attorney's Office confirmed on Friday it was looking into a number of allegations against Paladina. In a statement released on Friday, the State Attorney's Office did say that several previous complaints against Paladina had been dismissed and that the current probe was related to other complaints that were still under review. The State Attorney’s Office said it could not offer more details.

Media outlets have reported that the complaints relate to some stock and property transactions that Paladina may have carried out illegally.

Paladina replaced Darko Horvat last month as construction and state property minister. This came after Horvat was arrested on suspicion of corruption and resigned.

During his confirmation hearing in the Sabor, Paladina told lawmakers that his former business partners had filed a number of complaints against him but that most had been dismissed and that he expected the rest would be as well. Dismissing there was anything to the complaints, Paladina repeated these remarks on N1 television on Friday and also said it was usual practice for state attorneys to look into complaints their office receives.

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