18:20 / 15.09.2021.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Slovenia to extend border fence



Foto: Ivica Galovic / PIXSELL

According to the Hina news agency, Slovenia's Interior Minister, Aleš Hojs, plans to extend the fence along the border with Croatia to prevent illegal migrants from entering.

During a visit to a section of border leading from Croatia to Austria, Hojs announced the erection of several dozen more kilometres of anti-migrant fencing; with works to begin in two two three weeks.

Slovenia started putting up razor-wire fence during the massive migrant crisis in 2015, but now stretches along more than half of the length of the border between the two countries.

Slovenia remains adamant about protecting the border with Croatia; fearing another migrant crisis following the pull out of international troops from Afghanistan.

EU interior ministers made it clear at their recent meeting that the EU would not open its doors completely to Afghan refugees and migrants as it had during the previous migration crisis.

The message from Europe is that it will help only those who really need it - such as women, children and vulnerable groups. 

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