21:21 / 14.08.2022.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Sinković brothers win gold at European Championships

Valent and Martin Sinković

Valent and Martin Sinković

Foto: Wolfgang Rattay / REUTERS

Croatian brothers Valent and Martin Sinković on Sunday won the gold medal in the Men's Double Sculls at the 2022 European Rowing Championships taking place in Munich.

The brothers won their 19th big competition medal with a time of 6:35.93.

"It was totally different from what we are used to. We're usually in front so we get to dictate the pace. The Spanish team really surprised us, but we were able to get a good rythm going and we proved that we had more energy going into the second half of the race. In the end it was a convincing win," said Valent.

Martin said the pair believed in their abilities despite the slow start and were then "able to turn things around."

Spain's Aleix Garcia Pujolar and Rodrigo Conde Romen (6:38.46) finished second, while Latvia's Armandas Kelmelis and Dovydas Nemeravicius were third (6:42.11).

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