22:13 / 13.06.2022.

Author: Katja Miličić

Sex-scandal rocks election campaign in Split

Luka Baričić

Luka Baričić

Foto: Miroslav Lelas / Pixsell

Two candidates in the upcoming local election, one of them a candidate for deputy mayor, were caught exchanging very explicit sexual content via a dating app with two young women in Serbia, one whom presented herself as a minor. 

After a national paper published a story and some of the messages on Sunday, the two men faced the press today. Luka Baričić, who was running for a seat in the City Assembly, said he had made a mistake and was ending his political career.

"I don't plan on justifying actions in my personal life. I just wanted to establish intimate contact. I must also underscore that I never offered a job to the person I was communicating with," said Baričić.

Bojan Ivošević, the deputy mayor candidate denied any wrongdoing. He said he only indulged his friend after he had pleaded with him to do so. The woman Baričić was communicating with allegedly wanted to set up her younger sister with Ivošević.

"After two weeks of my friend trying to coax me into communicating with a person I had never met, I gave in. This person pressed him for my contact as a condition of her coming to visit him in Split,” Ivošević told reporters and said he cut off the exchanges when he learned the woman was a minor.

Their party leader, Ivica Pulajk, a candidate for mayor, was defiant, claiming it was all a cat-fishing operation by political rivals and that he plans to file a criminal complaint.

"My message to these criminals and mafia-types in this city is to leave vulnerable people alone. Go after me. Drag me through the mud but leave the vulnerable people alone,” Puljak said, alluding to Barišić, who has a physical disability.

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