16:56 / 02.02.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

SDP says Croatia’s existing voting districts are unconstitutional

SDP MP Mirela Ahmetović

SDP MP Mirela Ahmetović

Foto: Duskp Jaramaz / PIXSELL

There have been previous attempts to change election law in Croatia, the most recent a civil initiative which petitioned for a referendum that would have seen sweeping changes to how elections are held in Croatia. However, the referendum was blocked in a highly controversial count of the signatures submitted to force the referendum.

SDP MP Mirela Ahmetović held a press conference in Šibenik today, where she noted that the current structure of voting districts in Croatia is at odds with the constitution because it does not guarantee equal voting rights to all Croatian citizens. Ahmetović pointed out that one vote in Slavonia is worth more than one vote in Dalmatia because the constituencies are divided in such a manner as to ensure that the number of voters differs by more than 10 percent from unit to unit. As a result she said that the SDP is proposing the reorganization of electoral districts in order to establish fair and honest foundations for the parliamentary elections, concluding that the current structure unfairly allows the HDZ to consolidate power.

However, there are many citizens who feel that the only true path to equal voting rights, legitimate representation and true democracy in Croatia, is by introducing direct elections for each seat in parliament, and not the current situation in which citizens vote for a party slate, with the candidates on the slate appointed by the party’s leadership.

Source: HRT

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