17:59 / 22.12.2021.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Referendum signatures to be revealed on Thursday



Foto: Slaven Branislav Babic / Pixsell

The MOST party postponed a press conference by one day, saying the number of signatures collected in their referendum initiative to challenge the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic would be revealed on Thursday. 

Justice Minister Ivan Malenica on Wednesday called out the MOST party, saying he was only interested in whether they had collected enough signatures for a referendum.

"MOST called a press conference, then cancelled the press conference. We don't know how many signatures they've collected. So, in my opinion, they are exerting unnecessary pressure on the system. The only question is whether they have enough signatures. Perhaps they are trying to buy more time in order to collect more signatures. We don't know. We will wait for them to announce how many signatures they have," said Malenica.

The MOST party objects to the national COVID-19 crisis management team and wants citizens to answer two questions - If parliament should approve restrictive measures by a two-thirds majority, and if COVID certificates should be revoked.

The Constitutional Court found on Tuesday that the government's restrictive measures are legitimate, rejecting motions to assess the constitutionality of the crisis management team's powers, the COVID certificate mandate, and the testing mandate for healthcare and social welfare staff.

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