18:54 / 21.09.2022.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Public sector unions seek additional pay raise

Public sector employees

Public sector employees

Foto: Pixabay / Pixabay

Negotiations on further salary increases are underway between the government and representatives of public sector workers. 

Union leaders succeeded in securing a four percent base salary increase for workers back in July but, this time, they want the government to take salary increases in the business sector into consideration as well, and not just adjust for rising inflation.

"The government and public sector unions agreed on Wednesday to discuss a base pay rise for 2023 before the end of this year," said the leader of the national teachers' union, Sanja Šprem.

Both sides agreed to speed up negotiations so they could be finalised before the new 2023 budget. Šprem added that unions are expecting a concrete offer from the government at a meeting next Thursday.

She said that the unions' demands are in line with their basic collective agreement, and are "based on economic indicators."

The union leader noted that while the living standards of public sector employees are increasingly becoming worse because of the inflation, the country's budget revenues are increasing.

"We insisted that negotiations should not be dragged out, which the government representatives agreed on, so that public employees can get higher base salary already as of 1 October. The government is the single largest employer, and must show that it cares for all employees in the public sector," Šprem concluded.

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