20:36 / 27.11.2021.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Protesters take to the streets against restrictive COVID measures



Foto: Slaven Branislav Babic / Pixsell

A new protest against COVID certificates and measures, called the White Silent March, was held in Zagreb on Saturday, culminating on St. Mark's Square, which houses the government and parliament.

Organisers invited protesters to come without banners, wearing white, to bring a candle and a white balloon, and to protest in silence. According to reports, organisers said they did not notify the police about the protest.

The protest began around 5 pm and was watched by police. At one point, police used vans to stop them from reaching St. Mark’s Square, after which the protesters took other routes.

One person was arrested after an argument with the police, the media reported. After a while, police let them pass through to St. Mark’s Square, with some protesters shouting “victory” and “no surrender”.

Last week’s protest against COVID certificates in the centre of Zagreb was attended by tens of thousands of people. The organisers were reported for organising a public gathering without notifying the police and without taking measures to ensure the peace.

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