18:11 / 26.03.2022.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Prime minister aims to increase capacity at LNG terminal

LNG terminal

LNG terminal

Foto: Nel Pavletic / Pixsell

Croatia is considering the possibility of increasing the capacity of its LNG terminal on the island of Krk from the current 2.6 billion cubic metres of gas to 2.9 billion cubic metres annually.

"We believe that we can achieve this increase with the current infrastructure of our LNG terminal and all the existing plants there. The next step we will work on is getting the European Commission to approve the necessary funding to explore ways in which we can increase the capacity of this LNG terminal," Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said in Brussels on Friday.

Plenković made the comments after the end of the two-day summit meeting of the European Union, which discussed Russia's military aggression against Ukraine and the subsequent energy price hikes.

Plenković reiterated the strategic importance of the Krk LNG terminal for the diversification of gas supply routes, particularly in the current crisis.

This also comes after US President Joe Biden said at the meeting in Brussels that the USA would provide an additional 15 billion cubic metres of liquefied natural gas to the EU this year, and up to 50 billion cubic metres per year by 2030.

In this regard, Plenković said that investments in LNG terminals and the accompanying infrastructure would definitely grow in the near future.

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