17:45 / 03.08.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

President's reception without ministers, Banožić says, it’s not a boycott

The Knin fortress decorated with Croatian flags

The Knin fortress decorated with Croatian flags

Foto: Hrvoje Jelavic / PIXSELL

Defense Minister Mario Banožić confirmed that he declined President Milanović's invitation to receive war commanders on the anniversary of operation Storm. Namely, after last year's scandal with invitations that did not reach the retired generals on time, so they ended up boycotting the president's reception at the Knin Fortress, the Office of the President is organizing it independently for the first time this year.

Invitations were also sent from the President’s office to the three relevant ministers who are participating in the organization of the celebration of operation Storm. Unofficially, the Croatian Veterans Minister, Tomo Medved, and the Interior Minister, Davor Božinović, apologized to the President's Office for not being able to come. Banožić stated that he has many other obligations tomorrow and that it is not a matter of a boycott.

“Two years ago, we met and started including the President of the Republic of Croatia, who until now was a guest, and we saw that last year a kind of scandal started to happen around the event and members of certain associations got involved and started to create a form of organization that I think is not acceptable, it is not a boycott,” Banožić said at a press conference where the delay in the overhaul of firefighting aircraft was discussed.

Source: HRT

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