19:44 / 10.03.2023.

Author: Katja Miličić

President lashes out at PM and MPs who support him

Andrej Plenković and Zoran Milanović

Andrej Plenković and Zoran Milanović

Foto: Jurica Galoic/Tomislav Miletic / PIXSELL

President Zoran Milanović has accused Prime Minister Andrej Plenković of violating the Constitution after saying the Government would not cooperate with the President.

Milanović said on Friday the PM has “offered ridiculous excuses” for what he described as “obstruction of the functioning of the state”. This comes after the PM said there would be no political cooperation between the Government and the President until the end of his government's term.

Milanović described Plenković as a defender of criminals and lashed out at MPs who support him.

"To say you will refuse to cooperate is a violation of the Constitution. I'm surprised he's still the prime minister. And some members of parliament support this. Those who do should ask themselves if their actions are in line with the categorical imperative of this country,” Milanović said.

Plenković made the remark on Thursday, after the President's Office published a letter sent to him by Milanović on December 22 proposing a meeting to address foreign policy and security issues.

Milanović has clashed openly with Plenković over Ukraine. He has been a rabid critic of the West's policies on sending military aid to Ukraine.

When asked about the letter, Plenković responded by saying the President had his final chance to choose cooperation when Russia invaded Ukraine a year ago.

Foreign Minister Gordan Grlić Radman said Friday that Milanović's letter only carried the appearance of a willingness to cooperate. It is merely a show for the public and a curtain behind which to hide unethical and immoral actions, Grlic Radman said.

"President Milanović had an opportunity to be normal and constructive but he chose the destructive route,” said the minister.

Grlić Radman added that Milanović's inflammatory rhetoric has completely destroyed his credibility and that all Croatia could do is hope to elect someone else in the next presidential election.

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