20:19 / 29.06.2022.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

President discusses NATO expansion at Madrid summit



Foto: Pixabay / Pixabay

President Zoran Milanović said the decision on the admission of Sweden and Finland to NATO will be made by parliament, it is on MPs' conscience and not within the president's authority.

Milanović, who is attending the two-day NATO summit in Madrid, had hoped that Croatia would use the leverage of further NATO expansion to push for electoral reforms and even EU candidate status for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Leaders of 30 NATO countries reached agreement at today's summit in Madrid to invite Sweden and Finland to join after Turkey removed its blockade following an agreement with the two aspirants.

The decision on the admission of new members must be ratified by all NATO member states.

"I have reiterated a number of times on the phone to the Finnish president that this is nothing personal as far as I'm concerned. These are states which meet high criteria. What Turkey is asking of them is a lot. In principle, I'm more on Sweden's side than Turkey's here. We'll see how this unfolds. It's difficult to say if there will be some monitoring. My first interest is Croatia," he said.

At the summit, he added, he talked most about Bosnia and Herzegovina and the rights of at least 500,000 EU citizens who are also Bosnian citizens.

"That's a security problem and something which makes life in he neighbourhood unstable and hard for us, and which endangers at least half a million of EU citizens, which Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina are, and I want this to be settled… I can't do much more about it," he said.

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