12:43 / 15.08.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

PM Plenković: Croatia has no problems with energy sources

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković

Foto: HTV / HRT

The central pilgrimage mass in Trsat was attended by Prime Minister Andrej Plenković. He conveyed greetings to all believers on the feast of the Assumption.

Asked what awaits us in the fall and whether the government is preparing certain measures due to the energy crisis, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said that they are not on the table yet.

“We don't have any, we are still on vacation after a very intense period, today is not the day to introduce any measures. Like everyone else, we are preparing for autumn in terms of energy issues, but also in terms of fiscal capacity for certain types of interventions,” said Plenković and reminded that the Government has always intervened to the benefit of citizens and entrepreneurs.

“We will look at the situation and then intervene depending on the needs. The consequences of the war in Ukraine and the drought also affect the obtaining of electricity from hydropower plants, which will certainly have an effect. As we have gone through all the situations so far, we will also go through the ones before us. I think that despite all the demanding circumstances, we managed to have a great tourist season,” said the Prime Minister.

Tourism results are encouraging

The Prime Minister said that the data he has is very encouraging.

“We are at between 90 and 96 percent of the results of record year 2019 when it comes to arrivals and overnight stays. 12.7 million arrivals, 70 million overnight stays. Revenues are great, fiscalization is higher than last year. This is certainly a signal for optimism and GDP growth,” he said.

He asserted that there are currently no problems with energy sources in Croatia.

“The underground gas storage area of Okoli is being filled according to plan. Today we are probably at 60 and something percent, everything will be ready as we planned. As for savings, we came out with recommendations almost a month ago. Everyone in Europe does that, so we will too. I think this is a time of general social responsibility, people are aware, they have all the information available,” said Plenković.

Journalists asked him about the drug Paxlovid, or why Croatia did not acquire it to help those seriously ill with COVID?

“As far as I know, we have eight medicines that have been procured and are being administered to patients. Everything that the Ministry of Health sent to the Government for approval, we procured it. As for that medicine, I have to see with the minister whether all the procedures for approving that medicine at the European level, the level of Croatia and the procurement level have passed,” said Plenković.

"We will fight for the Croat captured in Ukraine"

Speaking about the status of the captured Croat in Ukraine, the Prime Minister recalled how the Government reacted.

“Messages have been sent multiple times. We believe that this type of trial is unacceptable. We will monitor the situation and fight for him. We can send messages, notes, request meetings, but he is under the authority of a part of Ukraine that is unrecognized, it is a temporarily occupied area, and our margins of action towards those authorities are limited. That is clear to everyone,” he said.

He also commented on the indictment against Blaž Pavičić and his father for tax evasion.

“I don't know the gentleman, I didn't hear about him until last year. It has nothing to do with the Government and there is no need for me to comment,” said Plenković, adding that he did not discuss it with former Finance Minister Zdravko Marić.

"We are acquiring two additional Canadairs"

The Prime Minister said that this was a very difficult year in terms of fires.

“We have an enormous increase, from January 1 to today there were more than 7,000, while last year there were 4,000. Unfortunately, one firefighter died, one local resident died on Hvar. We have five Canadairs in full readiness and four AirTractors. Those pilots did a heroic job. It needs to be determined whether all these fires started spontaneously or whether they were set, that will be determined by the police,” said the Prime Minister, adding that fires are raging all over Europe.

He said that Croatia is in the process of acquiring two additional Canadairs.

“The problem was that the company stopped producing those planes. There are about 150 of them in the world. Croatia is one of the countries in the EU that has more of them,” he added.

Source: HRT

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